ErHu Artist

Liang Yangzi is an Australian Erhu young performer and one of the erhu teachers at the Austrlia Dunhuang Arts Academy.

Master of erhu from Shanghai Conservatory of Music,

now a graduate student in the Department of Education at Monash University.  

She studied under Professor Chen Chunyuan during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.   


Liang Yangzi began to study erhu from three years old. At the age of nine, she studied erhu with the famous erhu performer Song Fei.

In 2005, she was admitted to the secondary school of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music from 2011 to 2018. During the period, she was guided by the famous erhu artists Min Huifen, Mr. Gao Shaoqing, Professor Wang Yongde and the famous composer Wang Jianmin. In 2012, she won the Gold Medal of the 2nd International Erhu Competition of “Hua Yue Zhi Yun”;


In May of 2015, she won the third prize of the 32nd Shanghai Spring International Music Festival and the 10th China Music Golden Bell Award Erhu Competition Shanghai Regional Selection Competition.

In 2015, she won the Bronze Award in the "Guo Yin Cup" Liu Tianhua Erhu Works Invitational Tournament. One of the members of the "Four Gentlemen" group of the Huqin Quartet of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


In 2013, she won the Excellence Award in the 9th "Golden Bell Award" Folk Music Competition.


In 2012, she won the third place in the "CCTV National Instrumental TV Competition" category.


Now she is a member of the "Dunhuang Huqin Orchestra" of Melbourne. She is the teaching director of Erhu and Qinqin at the Austrlia Dunhuang Arts Academy.

She has extensive teaching experience and good affinity.